Our five board-certified Chattanooga Dermatology Providers are what makes Galen Dermatology so special.

All of them come from unique backgrounds, bringing to the table their education, experience, and passion to best serve every patient seeking their care. Our providers approach their work with wisdom, compassion, and integrity, with each patient's best interest always at the forefront. 

These Chattanooga dermatologists are some of the most respected skincare professionals in the area, and they operate from the belief that everyone deserves beautiful healthy skin. From managing chronic conditions, to refining one's complexion, let this practice be your source for cultivating the healthiest skin possible. 

Our Chattanooga dermatologists strive always to provide excellent patient care, treating everything from acne to psoriasis to skin cancer, as well as cosmetic concerns.

Board Certified Dermatology Providers in Chattanooga